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The Potting TM 2020 (Big Productivity)










The potting machine TM 2020 is particularly suitable for processing large-sized containers such asthose used for large root balls. The machine's drilling systen is designed for soil drills with a diameterof up to 22cm and works at two speeds, clockwise or anticlockwise and with adjustabledrilling depths.

To ensure gentle handling of different bushes, shrubs, roses, bare rooted plants and root ballsextra substrate can be added by hand. For this purpose there is an addiitional store on the heightadjustable central tray on the turntable, within the immediate reach of the personnel working themachine.

With the standard version the compost arrives there by means of a soil chute, the quantity is dosedby a sliding controller. As an alternative, the substrate can be fed by means of a conveyor beltwith adjustable conveying speeds. (Picture with additional equipment)

Thanks to an assortment of accessories we are in a position to offer you customised for special purposes.

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Pot size 10 to 33 cm Ø
Output up to 1,600 pots/h
Soil hopper 4,000 litres
Transport dimensions 4,30 x 2,20 x 2,10 m
Weight 1,600 kg
Accessories Fertilizer dispenser, pot dispenser with storage belt, trailer coupling, stainless steel shovels, turntable stop, pot size reduction, soil conveyor for additional soil



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