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The Potting TM 2105

The very compact TM 2105 machine is the perfect choice for introducing mechanical pot filling. This potting machine is a holistic solution at modest investment costs. Let us convince you!



The Potting TM 1610




The Potting TM 1810

If you're one of those people who regard simple operation and high output as one of the most important criterion for effective working, the TM 1810 is the right choice for you. The separate drives for turntable and soil conveyor make operating and maintenance very easy.



The Potting TM 1010 F

Outstanding planting quality requires sustained favourable conditions for cultivation. The TM 1010 F creates these optimally by consistently drilling accurate, central planting holes. holes. The exact coordination of pot position and pot transfer is fully synchronised.



The Potting TM 2400 E

The TM 2400 E is distinguished just as much by the broad range of pot sizes that can be used as by its peak speeds of up to 4,000 pots per hour. Simply by changing over this multipurpose machine can double its output in the twinkling of an eye.



The Potting TM 2400 D

The TM 2400 D is distinguished just as much by the broad range of pot sizes that can be used as by its peak speeds of up to 7,000 pots per hour. The electronic frequency controls for the turntable and elevator ensure precise output control and are easy to operate via control panel on the switchbox.



The Potting TM 2432

The TM 2432 is particularly impressive because of its wide range of uses. It can process pots/containers with diameters from 9 cm to, believe it or not, 32 cm. This new development is therefore of particular interest to the tree nursery sector.



The Potting TM 2600

The TM 2600 combines productivity, economy and ergonomics at the highest possible level. The core of this machine concept, the patent dual turntable, creates the technological requirements for outstanding performance potential: maximum output is 8,000 pot units per hour.



The Potting TM 2020

The TM 2020 is particularly suitable for processing large-sized containers such as those used for large root balls. The machine's drilling system is designed for soil drills with a diameter of up to 22 cm and works at two speeds, clockwise or anticlockwise and with adjustable drilling depths.



The Potting TM 2800

The TM 2800 potting machine can really show off its strong points when it comes to the big pot sizes. Designed specially for use in tree nurseries, it is technically and ergonomically conceived for performance and continuous potting, yet still remains extremely economical.



Container Filling Machine TM 2018

There's no easier way. As an all-rounder for filling round or square containers or poly bags, the TM 2018 works fast, reliably and economically, even when it comes to small series (no changeover). It is particularly suitable for potting of root balls, for plants with high trunk and all kinds of bare rooted plants (such as roses).



Container Potting Machine TM 1018

Filling large containers fast and efficiently: that is the strong point of the powerful TM 1018. The twin filling device with two separately driven auger conveyors guarantees a permanent and very high supply rate.





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