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BOGBALLE Fertilizer Spreaders for Golf Courses


The compact design & the low weight of Bogballe Fertilizer Spreader makes it the most Versatile Spreader that can be mounted on any it a 27HP tractor or a 85HP tractor. Bogballe Spreaders are always ahead with innovations and technology gathered and developed on the demands and needs from users all over the world.


High Quality & Finish. Maximum Spreading Precision. Optimum Ease of Use.


Bogballe Fertilizer Spreaders is equipped as standard with the exclusive Trend spreading system, which is capable of accurate normal spreading 'In-Field' and at the Headland, simply by changing the rotation of the discs. A double-disc fertilizer spreader with 99.8% accuracy rate of fertilizers being spread. That are not buying just only a fertilizer spreader but an Intelligent Fertilizer Spreader. All Bogballe Fertilizer Spreaders has a 4-double overlapping pattern that ensures accuracy and distance of the fertilizer width.



In addition, the system developed for fitting extensions to the basic machine makes it possible to extend the Bogballe L1-Series Fertilizer Spreader Hopper Capacity from 500kg up to 1,250kg. The spreading disc are design to give an un-believable Accuracy and Distance much needed for all your fertilizing requirements for your Golf Course.


Maintenance free ............ All Bogballe Fertilizer Spreaders comes with free transmission lubricant engine... particularly suited for working under very high temperatures. Additionally it is fitted with a maintenance free low friction clutch adjusting system - waterproof slip clutch. this ensures fast response to chances in rate quantity.

FLEXI-COAT POWDER PAINT All Bogballe Fertilizer Spreaders are coated with a strong and flexible powder paint technology that ensures a long working life. Every single component goes through a 7-step cleaning process before painting and assembling. Result - An Extremely Strong Coating which life-wise is approx 30 times more resistant to corrosion.

INTEGRATED SCREENS With the integrated screens, this feature prevents foreign objects or lumps from blocking the regulating system. Mounted with stainless steel bolts and brackets.

PRESSURE EQUALISING CONES All Bogballe Fertilizer Spreaders comes with this feature over the eccentric agitators to ensure a constant flow of fertilizer.

SPREADING VANES Wear Resistant Steel with intgrated in-field and headland spreading function. The spread width is adjusted automatically or electrically from 12-18metres using the working width guard.

ASYMMETRIC ADJUSTMENT Automatically compensates for change in flow etc. working on slopes

ECCENTRIC & FREE WHEELING AGITATOR All Bogballe Fertilizer Spreaders are fitted with the high technology of special agitators. This prevents blocking and ensures a constant flow of fertilizer no matter the inclination of the machine. The agitator DOES NOT smash or breaks your granular fertilizer (100% Guaranteed). Therefore, providing your turfgrass with a well balanced nutrition from each granule.

INTEGRATED DEGREE METER & SCALE POINTERThis is especially useful when setting spread width and stepless rate adjustment lever - both visible from the driver's seat.

OPERATION The application rate is remotely controlled either by hydraulic, by cable or by the electronic CALIBRATOR Zurf. CALIBRATOR ZURF gives a number of benefits including 100% ground speed relation, supervision and control, display and recording of field data and has the facility for connection to GPS.

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