BOGBALLE Fertilizer Spreaders

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BOGBALLE Fertilizer Spreaders

The compact design & the low weight of Bogballe Fertilizer Spreader makes it the most Versatile Spreader that can be mounted on any tractor.

In addition, the system developed for fitting extensions to the basic machine makes it possible to extend the Bogballe L1-Series Fertilizer Spreader Hopper Capacity from 500kg up to 1,250kg. The spreading disc are design to give an un-believable Accuracy and Distance much needed for all your fertilizing requirements in your estate/plantations.


First things first. Estate Managers and Operators of the Bogballe Fertilizer Spreaders can rest assure that this spreaders is made of simple parts and needs no heavy maintenance. It can be used stand-alone or with the Intelligent Calibrator for precise fertilizer application.

* Improves Fertilizer Use Efficiency

* Reduce costs of fertilizers

* Minimize Fertilizer Wastage

* Ensures less downtime on your estate

Exposed Spinning Discs & Spreading Vanes provides for easy cleaning and very low maintenance. In other is practically maintenance free.

DOUBLE DISC SPREADER: Bogballe Spreaders offers accuracy (of up to 99.5% all the time, everytime) and distance when spreading fertilizer. There is no way a single-disc fertilizer spreader can throw further than a double-disc fertilizer spreader.

SPREADING PATTERN: Bogballe Fertilizer Spreaders has the ability to provide a spray-width of fertilizer application covering either 4-Rows or 2-Rows or even 1-Row of oil palm at one go. This spreader also has the added benefit of closing 1-side of the opening to handle border spreading especially useful when there are obstacles etc. river, drain, un-planted trees. This model specifically handles a Spread Width of 9 metres - 27 metres.

DURABILITY: Bogballe Fertilizer Spreaders are Very Durable. The body of the machine is implanted with "flexi coat powder paint" which can withstand hard scratches and knocks in the most difficult weather conditions and fertilizing usage. The frame itself is made of stainless steel.

EFFICIENCY: Applying fertilizer using the Bogballe Fertilizer Spreaders is a breeze. The machine itself ensures that there are NO WASTAGES of fertilizer as none are dropped on the tractor's path. 100% of the fertilizers are spread accurately and evenly over the desired distance with no damages to the oil palm roots as there are no mechanical contact.

ECCENTRIC AGITATORS: The agitator ensures a constant flow of fertilizer and therefore also a constant quantity. With eccentric movements the agitator leads the fertilizer to the outlet. An integrated pressure equalising cone mounted on the screen prevents direct fertilizer pressure on the agitator and the outlet. Thus giving the user a nice round granule and also providing the trees with balance nutrition all the time; as the material does not gets smashed. This unique agitator feature also comes in handy as a safety feature for plantation workers when loading fertilizer into the hopper as it DOES NOT "break their fingers".



BOGBALLE Calibrators


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